Residue Compliant Basmati Production Projects


Using pesticides for managing pests and diseases in rice very much needed, however farmers are using high doses of several recommended pesticides which results in presence of residues in the crop. Every year number of containers are rejected due to the presence of pesticide residues in exported Basmati from India. Earlier these restrictions were imposed by European Union (EU) only but now it is becoming a requirement from all the countries which import basmati from India. Besides overdosing farmers have been using several non-recommended (in EU / US) pesticides including Acephate, Carbendazim, Thiamethoxam, Triazofos, Tricyclazole, Buprofezin, Carbofuron, Propiconazole and Thiophanate Methyl etc.”

Landmark Agri Exports Pvt. Ltd. is involved in controlled Farming Projects to fulfil requirements of compliant rice as per Global Standards. Landmark Agri established its Extension Division with a vision to support farmers and to take their produce directly to the international market as a transparent bridge between them to cater requirements of high-quality Basmati Rice. We are currently servicing some of our quality conscious customers with export compliant Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice.