Benefits of GreenBox Farm Management Tools

( Online Traceability Tool )
  •  User friendly – easy to operate on phone/tab/laptop/desktop
  •  Complete tracking of farm inputs data and Agri farm practices with           pictures across the supply chain
  •  Monitoring of Project Officers is having an added advantages
  •  Geo-Tagging of project farm fields
  •  Easy access to all required stakeholders (Project team) for                           monitoring of project activities and data.
  •  Easy to transfer online data in to different excel formats for quick                 interpretation of results/outputs
  • Benefits of GreenBox Farm Management Tools

    Right Advice Can Save more than crops

  •  In farming, timely advice with right products and right practice is a key imperative. In response to this evident need, Landmark Agri launched Farmer Advisory Services, a remote advisory contract center for Basmati growers. This unique helping resolves crop-related farmer queries/concerns/issue of farmers from Basmati areas. farmers get information easily pertaining to weather conditions, mandi prices and technical issues. The result is that this timely UPL service has emerged as a convenient problem-solver

  • Farmer advisory Services is the biggest farmer connect contact centre initiated by the private sector. Over 2500 farmers in MP are registered with the service today.

  •  This service is available all 365 days of the year from 7.00 am – 9.30 pm toll free